10 Steps to Fix Your Dehumidifier

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If your dehumidifier won’t pull moisture from the air, the problem could be a simple one that often prevents an air conditioner from cooling: the filter and coils are clogged with dirt.

The solution?

Give it a thorough cleaning.

Here are our tips to clean your dehumidifier:
1) Unplug the unit and remove the water tank.
2) Remove the front and back grills with a putty knife to release the catches.
3) Remove the mesh filter (on the front grill or in front of the evaporator coils).
4) Clean the filter with warm soapy water. Add some bleach to the water to kill mold.
5) Clean the evaporator coils using vacuum with brush attachment.
6) Inspect the fins. Straighten them with a fin comb if necessary.
7) Clean the condenser coils using the vacuum.
8) Inspect fins covering coils. Straighten them if needed.
9) Use screwdriver to remove screws along sides of cabinet. Remove cabinet. Clean the fan blade and parts inside the cabinet with vacuum.
10) Reassemble the dehumidifier, reinstall the water tank, and plug in the unit.

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