10000 BTU Frigidaire Air Conditioner Review

The Frigidaire FRA106CV1 10,000 BTU 115-Volt Window-Mounted Compact Air Conditioner is a reliable and low noise window-mounted unit. This is a quality product from the leader in cooling solutions. The 10000 BTU Frigidaire air conditioner is ideal for your home, office or condo and easily installs in a wall or in a window.
The air conditioner comes loaded with features and at a price, much lower to the competition. This window or through the wall air conditioner unit saves you thousands of dollars in energy consumption as compared to installing a 1 ton centralized AC unit.

It is ideal for cooling small spaces and the unique feature of the replaceable microbial air filter is highly environmental free and keeps the air fresh, flowing, pollution free and safe. The added advantage of ease of installation in a wall or window keeps the installation low cost resulting in high savings.

The unit packs a punch and easily cools 550 sq. feet of space. The cooling is highly efficient and evenly distributed due to the four way vents, which flow cool and fresh air in many directions. It has got an Energy Star Rating due to the high efficiency output at low power consumption.

The flexibility of easily installing it on walls or in windows (at low cost) makes it convenient for you to procure many of them. These installed in all rooms, including your garage give perfect cooling.

In a city like Los Angeles where the summers are exceptionally warm with temperatures soaring, the air conditioner is an absolute must.

The unit is easy to operate due to user-friendly sleek interface combined with temperature sensing remote control. Maintain the required temperature and cooling as per your comfort, by setting the thermostat.

The AC operates on the standard 115V electrical connection and, comes with a three speed option with dehumidifying capacity of 3.5 pints per hour.

Installing the AC unit on casement window using custom designed hardware makes it highly portable.

It makes it flexible to take the AC with ease, if you are required to move your house. This results in tremendous savings in cost to the tune of thousands of dollars. This, however, comes with a lot of risk and customers do so at their own peril.

Do not wait for long! Install the next generation Frigidaire air conditioner, in your home, office or condo and cool your worries away.

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