10000 BTU Window Air Conditioner Guide

The Haier ESA410K 10,000 BTU Room Air Conditioner is one of the better 10000 BTU window air conditioner units available on the market today.

It is a remote-controlled Energy Star AC that is designed as a window air conditioner. This unit boasts a programmable timer and an eco-friendly refrigerant that will keep it running for long periods without compromising its quality.

Equipped with three control fan settings, achieving the desired cooling effect in your house is easy. This 10000 BTU window air conditioner can effectively serve an area of about 450 square feet.

The AC is controlled by a remote making it easy to operate regardless of its location in the room. Moreover, it has a rotating air vent that allows you to select from a variety of temperature ranges.

The Pros and Cons
Although a number of difficulties may have been reported with this model, it is not possible to establish whether they were appliance related or due to poor installation. The loud noise that several customers may have complained about could be as a result of poor balancing of the unit in the window. This is because its operation is typically noise free air.
The Haier ESA410K just like any other AC takes time before you can feel the cooling effect after you turn it on. This is not a valid reason to complain about this model.
Lastly, several people have complained of the presence of mold in their homes and they have suggested that it might be related to the AC. Mold is caused by a number of environmental factors and not necessarily by a faulty Haier ESA410K. In fact, air conditioners have been shown to reduce the amount of mold in a home.

Overall Rating
This is one of the best appliances in its category. It is an environmentally friendly AC that can adequately manage a small or medium sized home effectively and efficiently.

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