10000 BTU Window Air Conditioner Reviews

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There are many 10000 BTU window air conditioner reviews, but in this one we will take a look at the Haier ESA410K 10,000 BTU Room Air Conditioner.

The Haier ESA410J unit features electronic controls, as well as a remote.

The unit also features an R140 refrigerant, with a timer that is programmable.

The AC has 3 fan settings and 3 cool settings, and it is able to cool an area of up to 450 square feet.

There are quite a few pros and cons that this unit has, and some of them will now be discussed.

The Pros and The Cons:

There have been numerous bad experiences reported, but the bad experience could be a result of the appliance or a result of incorrect installation.

Some have reported loud noises, but the unit is just like any other AC, meaning that it does take a few moments before the cooling process starts.

There have also been comments made about the mold in their homes, that they say was caused by moisture. However, this could easily be the result of environmental factors, and not necessarily the unit’s fault.

The Overall Rating

When it comes to overall performance, the Haier ESA410J 10000-BTU receives a very good rating. For those who prefer environmentally superior products will want to get this window air conditioner unit, as it will not emit dangerous chemicals into the air. If you own a small to medium home, then the unit should be good enough to keep you cool during the hot summer months.


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