12 Volt Air Conditioner Car Guide

People love their classic cars because of their old school ambiance and unique design. They evoke pride of ownership and joy that comes from owning a well-maintained original vehicle. It is truly iStock_000015790426_ExtraSmall(1)priceless when classic cars are used every day.

The trouble is that most classic cars do not have built-in air conditioners.

It is always possible to install a new air conditioner, but will this render the vehicle less than authentic? Even when a classic car was originally installed with an air con, it may no longer be operational.

A 12 volt air conditioner car unit uses electricity drawn from the vehicles battery. Mobile air cons are ready to go to work cooling the air after plugging them in to the standard car lighter. If it is not practical for you to plug it in like this, it is simple to use a 12V battery pack.

All that is needed is to ensure an adequate supply of electricity with enough ice to cool the air and the unit will operate properly. Placed on the back seat of an antique car, this portable device will provide the comfort you need without sacrificing the original design.

A portable ac unit is easy to remove from the vehicle and taken wherever you like. It is an investment that offers great value for the money. This offers the opportunity to cool the air at various events and occasions. Take it into your home after having a nice drive in your classic car and use it to cool any room or even the garage.

The regular power cord can be plugged in at ordinary electric sockets in your home, and its mobility means it can be taken from room to room to keep you cool. Better yet, leave it in your car to use another time.

The countless applications which this 12 volt air conditioner can be used for makes them handy to have around. As long as there is a source of electricity, you can continue providing cooling comfort whenever you like. You can even take it to work with you.

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