12 Volt Air Conditioner Portable Options

Best Portable Home Air Conditioners
The trend of increasing temperatures around the globe has increased the need for people to try and stay cool in many different situations. Often people will seek out places like shopping centers, water parks, and large, air conditioned buildings. But, many times such places are too far away and cannot be easily accessed. Today, there are some products that can be taken anywhere and can help users stay cooler.

The new portable units can range in price, from several hundred, up to a thousand dollars. The various models come with different types of chargers and in a range of sizes. There are models to cool an entire and those that work as hand held units. Portable AC units are the ideal solution for those on the go and those who travel frequently or enjoy the outdoors in the Summer.

For those who travel, a Kooleraire 12 volt air conditioner portable model may be the best solution. It works by turning an average sized cooler into an air conditioning unit. It is a low cost way to make personal spaces more comfortable in the hottest temperatures. Because this solution is highly portable, it can be used in the car, on camping trips, or on a boat.

The Kooleraire is different from other products, as it does not utilize hoses and does not require the use of water. This makes it a less messy solution that keeps the surrounding areas dry and neat. All you need to do is fill the cooler with ice cubes or ice packs and close the id. The fan forces the air down into the cooler, which produces icy air that can cool the surrounding air as much as 50 degrees Fahrenheit lower. Depending on the temperature, the device can work for several hours without refilling the cooler with ice.

There are some desirable features, like a 12 volt plug for the car and accessories for using other power sources. This low cost option is typically priced under $50 in most retail stores that carry it. It can be used in the car, on camping trips, on a boat, or as an alternative in the home when the power goes out.

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