12000 BTU Air Conditioner Heater Units – A Review

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A 12000 BTU air conditioner heater could be a through the wall air conditioner, a portable ac unit, a window or a split ac type. (British Thermal Units is the universal measure of the cooling power of an air conditioner. It determines the maximum area that an AC can serve adequately.)

Due to its high rating, such a unit can be effective in providing both cooling and dehumidifying effects for large rooms; typically of up to 600 square feet. Sometimes, the 12000 BTU AC can be referred to as a “one ton” unit because of its rating and not the weight.

Due to its massive power output, a 12000 BTU AC needs to be served by 120 to 240 volts of electrical power. If it uses anything under 7.5 amperes, a normal wall socket is ideal for its normal functioning. However, ensure that it is protected from electrical faults by a power surge protector.

On the other hand, if the unit requires more than 7.5 amps to run, then you need to get a dedicated power circuit for it. This is because ordinary 240 volt power sockets that supply homes are not capable of providing such enormous amounts of current.

Typical features of our favorite window unit  SPT 12000 BTU Window Air Conditioner WA-1211S

1. It can adequately work a room of between 600 to 640 square feet.

2. An antimicrobial mesh filter to prevent drawing of microorganisms in the intake cycle.

3. Electronic controls that make it easy to program the unit and use it conveniently.

4. Eight way direction control of air in the room.

5. A tilt out filter access for easy maintenance.

An air conditioner is meant to not only cool the room but dehumidify it in the process. However, where you want to use the unit or live can determine how much you may need the dehumidifying feature. For example, those who live in the Southwestern parts of America require a dehumidifier due to large moisture content in air in the region. However, if you are in Florida, then you have to make sure that both features are fine in your AC because you will need booth of them.

In order to save energy and also minimize your electricity bills, today’s air conditioners can be fine-tuned to enhance certain desirable features.

Because of the 12000 BTU AC’s large size and power usage, you need to clearly establish your needs before choosing to invest in one. This will help you avoid unnecessary high costs for both running and purchasing the unit. If your house has large open spaces, then you can have one, otherwise most people have closed off rooms where the unit may not be suitable for use.

For optimal cooling of your home, it is likely that you may need another smaller unit to use along with the 12000 BTU one. However, all this depends on the layout of your house and size of the rooms. Determining the right AC for your home or office is closely tied to the average size of the rooms where the unit will be used. A carefully chosen unit will guarantee you cost savings without compromising on its efficacy.

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