12000 BTU Air Conditioner Portable Unit Reviews

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As the weather gets warmer, it becomes increasingly difficult to stay cool and comfortable. By mid-summer, even the nights are too warm to rest comfortably.

Many families experience this dilemma in the summer and early autumn. Finding the best solution may also seem elusive. Deciding on a high powered fan or air conditioning unit is another dilemma. Would eliminating heat from the bedroom allow you to sleep comfortably through the night?

A solution many people are not aware of, is portable air conditioning. Mobile units offer the comfort of window units or central cooling systems, without the high costs for installation. They can remove the heat and circulate cool air like other cooling systems.

Typically, a 12000 BTU air conditioner portable option will cool the average bedroom or smaller living space.

Our favorite 12000 BTU air conditioner is the Whynter ARC-12S 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner, Platinum. This is a powerful unit at a reasonable price. The Whynter can keep you cool all summer long.

Staying cool during sleep is important. When you perspire, the air in the bedroom can become more humid, creating a situation where you tend to produce more perspiration. By morning, you will be thirsty, irritable, and fatigued.

Using a window or oscillating fan is one solution. However, a fan simply blows the air. It does not cool a space because it does little to remove the warmer air. A portable air conditioner does cool the air and removes the excess moisture. This allows your body to maintain the proper fluid level and to relax and sleep comfortably through the night.

There are several portable air conditioner models on the market today. It may make selecting the right one a challenge. The main consideration should be to find a model that suits your particular needs.


BTUs or British Thermal Units, are universal standard measure which is matched to the size of the room or space to be cooled. The larger the space, the higher the BTU should be. You should keep in mind that every person may require more or less cooling and BTU capacity is based on average use.

In climates with higher humidity, you may want a unit with more BTUs. In rooms where appliances produce heat, you will likely want to select a higher BTU model as well. An average room of 200 square feet will require a 9000 BTU unit, but this can vary from one climate to another or on individual preferences.


The power is a measure of how many watts of electricity the unit will use, rather than the device’s cooling power. This measure helps buyers determine how much they are willing to spend, in terms of electricity costs. The higher the watts, the more electricity will be used in a specific period of time.


Air conditioning units remove heat and moisture from a space. However, the heat needs to escape somewhere outside the room. Many portable units come with an exhaust hose the moves the hot air out the window. However, some units rely on a catch basin for water and rely on the evaporative process to cool the room.

Control Features

Portable ac units can come with digital or manual controls. Digital controls often come with a remote option, which makes operation easier. Digital controls do not usually break down. But, if they do, the entire unit will not function.

You will need to decide whether you want digital or manual controls, the number of BTUs required, and how much you want to spend on energy usage, when selecting the right portable air conditioning unit.

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