12000 BTU Split Unit Air Conditioner Guide

Portable air conditioners are essential mobile units that can be moved from room to room thus eliminating the need for a permanent alternative. They are versatile solutions to your cooling problems that also ensure you do not incur high operational costs associated with regular ACs. Other than being used in homes, they are applicable in hospitals, warehouses, laboratories and even schools.

They use air vents to draw in cool air into the room and remove warm air thus offering you the cool temperatures that you desire. Moreover, they are important dehumidifiers that rid the room of any moisture and humidity. This is especially important in removing any water content from fresh air being sucked into the room.

There are very many different types of portable ACs available in the market today. Single hose, split type, dual hose and cool units are the most common varieties.

A single hose unit has a hose that runs from the AC to the ventilation kit and can serve an area of about 475 square feet.This makes it a 12000 BTU air conditioner. On the other hand, a double hose AC has two hoses; one for inlet and the other one for outlet. This gives it more power than the single hose variant. It can serve a room of up to 500 square feet making it a 12000-14000 BTU AC.

The split ac unit has a compressor and evaporator separated from each other, but with detachable pipes for connecting them.

A 12000 BTU split unit air conditioner is more powerful and efficient than single or dual hose models with the same rating. Moreover, it is less noisy than the two.

Our favorite split ac is the Pioneer Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner.

It features a small internal unit because the compressor is located outside. Furthermore, you do not need to drain water from the internal unit because of the evaporator that carries out this role.

It is important to note that some portable air conditioners can work as heaters and coolers.

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