12V Air Conditioner Uses

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12v air conditioner units are perfect for cooling small spaces that need to be cooled but cannot hold a full-size central air system.  Many times, these units are used to cool small spaces while they can also be used to cool the home when the central air is inoperable.  While these air conditioners have some wonderful uses, they can also pose problems for those who use them.

On Vehicles

On the boat, a small plane or in the RV or camper, an air conditioner of this size is perfect for the family.  While these small spaces can get very hot very fast, a 12v unit is perfect for keeping the space cool without running the engine and wasting fuel.  However, the people who are typically using these units simply want to plug them in.  In fact, many 12 volt devices can be plugged into the cigarette lighter or other power outlet in the vehicle.

In The House

In the house, these small devices can be used to cool individual rooms or spread about the house and turned on when the central air not working.  There are also times when the family may need to help with air flow in a particular room.  When this is a concern, the family can simply plug in and turn on the device and let it circulate air in the room rather than relying on the ceiling fan.

A Small Problem

The problem with these units is that they are small and can overheat very quickly.  While they can be very effective over the short term, the family cannot leave the units plugged in and turned on for extended periods of time.  These devices typically do not cycle on and off like the central air system in the house.  This means that the unit has to be monitored to ensure safety.

When looking at using a 12 volt air conditioner in the home, the boat, the car or even a small plane, the family has to remember that they cannot leave the unit running all the time.  However, spread about the house, these devices can keep the home cool.  In the RV or camper, these air conditioners are able to keep the whole space cool while also circulating air.

The best way to keep small spaces cool is with a tiny air conditioner that is designed to cool small aircraft, boats and RVs along with rooms in the home.

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