18000 BTU Air Conditioner and Heater Buying Guide

S18000 btu air conditioner and heater
Numerous web-based retail venues have a wide variety of outbound links that redirect readers to content like specs, safety stats, and manufacturer sites. Although some lead to helpful information, many are paid advertisements that offer little objective feedback. Those wanting the real lowdown on 18000 BTU air conditioner and heater models are well-advised to read on.

1. 1.5-ton Vertis Window A/C – VoltaS18000 btu air conditioner and heaters

Product specs & features

  • Remote-control, energy efficient compressor
  • High-efficiency heat conducting coils
  • 3 cool settings
  • Hypoallergenic filter with “Fresh Air” setting
  • Max. capacity – 18,000 BTUs/HRs
  • Power sources – 230v/50HZ single-phase
  • Electrical current – 8.9 amps for 480 airflow
  • Net Sound output – 54 decibels
  • Total weight – 55-60 kilograms
  • Size – 660x435x720mm

2. 0.8-ton Window A/C – Godrej

Product specs & features

  • .8-ton window unit with Blue Fin heat exchange vents
  • 3 triple-row copper tubing compressor, made in Japan
  • 18-foot extendable airflow
  • LCD remote adjustment

3. Ventil-Air FreshAir 300mm metal – Havells

Product specs & features

Multibillion-dollar India corporation Havells India, Ltd. is also among that nation’s biggest and rapidly expanding power supply equipment distributors has become an icon of exceptional electrical components. Among its better-known worldwide brands are Sylvania, SLI Lighting, Zenith, and Concord. All have been acquired since 2003, when Havells first opened its doors as a fan company.

  • Dual ball bearings
  • Reinforced motor capable of institutional kitchen use
  • Sturdy bird safety guard

4. .200-ltr. Single Door Refrigerator – Gem

Product specifications & features

  • .2-liter extra PUF insulation enhances cooling efficiency
  • American-made high energy efficiency air compressor
  • Idle freezer storage area with oversized chilling compartment
  • Adjustable wire-frame shelving with separate built-in spacious storage container to keep fruits and veggies fresh and crisp
  • Dairy product storage compartment maximizes cheese, cream and milk sustainability
  • Extra-large bottle storage rack with integrated bacteria-retardant features
  • Removable dishwasher-safe gaskets in wide range of attractive, coordinated color schemes
  • Locking door with reinforced adjustable casters

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