24000 BTU Air Conditioner Guide

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There are different types of air conditioners and they fall into four broad categories namely:

  • wall or window units
  • portable units
  • central air conditioner systems
  • mini and multi split ac systems

The strength of a cooling system is measured in terms of BTU units; the higher the BTUs the greater the cooling power. In particular, the quality or power of air cooling systems is measured in units of 12000 BTUs and is often referred as 1-ton, therefore 24000 BTU air conditioner is known as 2-ton AC.

It is possible to know the capacity and specifications of an air cooling unit by simply checking the data sheets or the labels. It is usually expressed in BTU units or tons. When looking for an air conditioner with enough cooling power to cool your house, it is important to look for a unit that has no less than 24000 BTUs.

When we are not talking about central AC systems, the highest cooling power a window air conditioner unit could have is 24000 wrenchesBTUs. You will rarely hear of a higher cooling power for home air conditioning units.

Perhaps you are wondering why people would opt for the 24000 BTU units, but there is a very good reason behind this. The cost for installing a central air conditioning system is quite high considering that the network and cables would have to be set up in the entire house. However, installing the 24000 BTU air conditioner will cost much less since it is a single unit and that is why it is preferred by many homeowners.

Of all the home AC units, the 24000 BTU has arguably the highest performance. This is especially true considering it is capable of cooling spaces with an area of 1400 square feet, which is usually the size of a medium-sized home or a fairly large room.

Many people are worried about the cost of maintaining an AC unit with such high power, especially when it comes to paying the energy bills.

On the contrary, with the development of green technologies that enhance energy efficiency, the latest air conditioners are built with these technologies that significantly lower the cost of energy. Therefore, when shopping for the 24000 BTU AC you should be on the lookout for the energy saving.

In order to deal with the high power consumption of this particular unit, you may need to get a 240 volt power supply. You will also need a 50 amp circuit to prevent the circuit breakers from burning out, or endless trips to the power meter.

Lastly, before you purchase the AC unit, you should contact your local electrician. Luckily, most of these units come with in-built heat pumps which will ensure the unit will run efficiently throughout the whole year.

After all is said and done, there may be many categories of the units to choose from, but if you are looking for a single unit that will cool your entire house, the 24000 BTU unit is really your best choice.

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