5 Steps to Fix a Drafty Door

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If you have a drafty door, you’re wasting heat in the winter and air-conditioning in the summer.

Follow our steps below to ensure that your door is airtight. The cost of the weather stripping materials that we recommend will be paid off in your energy savings in less than a year. Moreover, you can easily do this job yourself.air conditioner used for sale

What you’ll need: tape measure, weather stripping, small saw, screwdriver, caulk, hammer, vinyl weatherstripping


1) Measure how wide your door is an cut the weather stripping to the desired length. Depending on the type of weather stripping that you have chosen, you can do this with a box cutter or hacksaw.

2) We prefer the weather stripping that runs along the door bottom because it is most efficient. To install this type, open the door and slide on the U-shaped door bottom weatherstripping.

3) Mark the mounting hole locations on the door. Drill pilot holes.

4) Add caulking along the inside of the weather stripping. Adjust the weather stripping so it lines up with the holes.

5) Install the screws in the center first. Adjust the door bottom before driving in all the screws.

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