5000 BTU Through the Wall Air Conditioner Guide

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The size of an air conditioner does not determine its cooling abilities. The size should be matched to the room it is in. When sized properly it should operate good enough to remove the moisture out of the air. Removing the moisture from the air is what gives the cool feeling. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who are in a hurry to get an air conditioner, and choose a model that is too big for the job.

The truth is that having a unit that is too big can cause you to experience less cooling than having one the right size. The run time on an over-sized unit is too short. It is unfortunate, but if it isn’t able to remove enough air moisture, then it is a waste. When you see your AC cycling off and back on every few minutes, then it is doing a sorry job of cooling. It could be it is just too big for that room.

The rating for air conditioners is done with BTUs (British Thermal Units). This is a way of measuring the amount of heat that is transferred in the room that is being cooled, and sent to where heat gets dumped outside. If you notice, that is why your cooling coil is cool inside, and hot outside.

A window air conditioner (which can also be used as a through the wall air conditioner), in average homes, can have BTUs as low as 4000. But the more common air conditioners are the ones that have from 5,000 to 8,000 BTUs. A lot of people are quite comfortable with a 5000 BTU through the wall air conditioner.

Our favorite 5000 BTU unit is the Friedrich SQ05N10 5,400 btu – 115 volt – 11.2 EER Kuhl series Wi-Fi Capable room air conditioner. This is a terrific unit that can be placed in a window or through the wall. It provides excellent cooling and comes in a wide array of colors to fit any decor.

What is The Best Room To Put My Air Conditioner In?

This one is easy. Put it where you need it the most. If all you have is one air conditioner, most people put it in their bedrooms so they can get a good night’s sleep. Most people work for a living and need to be comfortable at night. It is a whole lot better when you go to work well rested and ready to handle the tasks at hand.

Some people don’t want the cool effects of air conditioning while they sleep. They usually place their air conditioner in their living rooms. Some of them like to have the whole family sleep in the front room, along with the cats and kids.

One negative aspect of air conditioners is the noise. Some of them can be quite noisy, which can keep people awake and interfere with the TV. Not everybody reacts in the same way, there are some who actually like the noise and it helps them to sleep. It is like raindrops to some people.

Whatever room you decide to put it in, the size you select will make a difference in the results. You want to match the size to your needs. A smaller unit might do a much better job than a larger one, depending on your specific circumstances.

The blowers in an airconditioner can be very powerful, but that does not mean they are giving you the best service. They are sized to handle a specific job, and need to matched appropriately. It could be that some situations call for a couple of small units instead of just one large one. Placement and ability have to be key factors.

Never expect too much from your air conditioner. Some people are disappointed, but it is because they didn’t take the time to match the job with the ‘horse’. Specifics matter. Proper installation and use also matters. When you install an air conditioner, you need to make sure to seal up all the places where air might escape.

Sometimes you need to use a piece of wood and maybe even some duct tape, to get it set right and sealed. You do not want any gaps left in the window. Intruders can use that to break into your home, and nobody wants that.

Air conditioners today are designed with better technology, and size is no longer a factor in regard to efficiency and energy costs. You can find units to fit in with any kind of need you have. Nobody has to be at the mercy of an air conditioning unit that just isn’t made for their needs.

The main thing about choosing an air conditioner is knowing just how much power you need for the job. Determining what you need, before you go and compare will ensure that you get the right size air conditioner for cooling the area you have in mind.

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