6500 BTU Air Conditioner Room Size Calculator

6500 btu air conditioner room size
Compact and easy mobility make for extreme desirability of any product designed to provide comfort.  This is precisely why a portable ac unit is so convenient and practical.

As everyone knows, long summer days of high heat and humidity are among Mother Nature’s hardest tests of human endurance.  Fortunately, however, modern technology has devised an effective 6500 btu air conditioner room sizeguide to help you get through it and pass with flying colors!

The answer is a room air conditioner.  These compact units can be placed anywhere desired at any time ambient temps require primary or secondary cooling.

A big advantage that portable ACs afford is ability to locate and efficiently operate even in rooms with small windows or no wall openings whatsoever.  It is important to note that the same timeless truism that bigger is not always best still applies in context of compact ACs, however.

British Thermal Units, or BTUs, is the spec to evaluate when determining optimal balance between cooling power and area space. The lower BTUs are, the less cooling capacity a portable air conditioner has.  Thus, take measurements of all area(s) to be cooled prior to buying any compact room size air conditioning unit.  Appropriate adjustments must also be made for specific location.

Suppose, for instance, you live in an upstairs flat in an especially hot summer clime.  Then, add 10 percent to BTU calculations.  Similarly, if you reside in a colder region, then reduce BTU by 10 percent.  Also, add 600 BTUs for each regular room occupant after the first time.

If the primary usage is planned for a kitchen, then choose only from among brands that offer a minimum 6500 BTU air conditioner room size or higher.

Another vital consideration that must not be overlooked is  air dehumidification capacity.  That feature is very significant because it indicates ability to eliminate excess air moisture that greatly enhances your comfort.

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