8000 BTU Air Conditioner Watts

8000 BTU Air Conditioner Watts
Someone wrote in to ask us about the amount of 8000 BTU air conditioner watts for their window air conditioner unit. Before we answer that question, let’s explain a bit about how watts, BTUs, and energy efficiency work in your air conditioner.

8000 BTU Air Conditioner WattsA window AC unit is a device that is designed to fit into a standard window space. While these units have different BTU ratings, they have the same principle of operation as other AC system.

BTU quantifies the ability of an AC unit to cool a room. Generally, the size of an AC unit determines its cooling capacity. While a small unit may not be able to cool a room properly, a large unit in a small room will lead to energy wastage.

Therefore, you should only buy an AC machine based on the amount of space you have in the room.

An AC device with a rating of 8000 BTUs can be used in a room that has an area of 350 square feet or less. Depending on the size of your living space, the number of BTUs increases proportionately. The 8000 BTU air conditioner watts requirement depends on the power rating of the unit as well as the cost of electricity.

Window ACs were developed as an alternative to central air conditioning for people who did not want central air or had no air conditioning in their homes. Central air is very costly and it’s not for everyone, especially those who live in small apartments. These are two of the main factors that led to development of window air conditioning systems.

These units have a chilled coil and a hot coil with fans. The role of the fans is to force air over the coils and this helps in extraction of heat and humidity from air circulating in a room.

When fitted properly, window units can cool a room very quickly and they are largely noise-free as well as energy efficient. Window air conditioner prices vary with the type of unit as well as its manufacturer. Popular brands include Kelon, Haier and Carrier with their window AC’s costing as little as $50-$150. These units come with air filters, dehumidifiers, timers, quiet operation function and much more.

When you spend more than $300 on an AC system, you can be assured of greater value and quality. These high-end AC’s have high BTU and EER ratings, and they can cool large spaces very fast. If you spend more than $600, you will get a super deluxe model that can cool a whole floor.

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