A Brief Guide To Finding The Best Air Conditioners In India

Following is a simple, 3-step guide to finding the best air conditioners brands in India:

1. Tonnage: Is it better to get a large unit?
The cooling capacity of an AC system is measured according to the size and requirement for the space. The cooling capacity is basically the ability of an AC unit to remove heat from the space over the course of an hour, which is measured in British Thermal Units per hour or BTUs per hour.

With a high BTU per hour value, the unit is believe to be powerful. BTUs for air conditioning systems typically fall between 5,000 and 24,000 with 12,000 being equivalent to one ton.

Bigger is not always ideal in terms of AC units – an over-sized model is ineffective and it is not likely to be efficient either.

A properly sized option will effectively remove humidity while cooling down the space. For uniform cooling throughout the room and optimal efficiency, the air should be delivered into the middle of the room, rather than to either side.

There are many factors that are considered for the actual tonnage such as the ambient temperature, the room size, the amount of natural light that the space is exposed to, window placement and the number of people, lights and computers in the space.

2. Window or Split AC?
Once the tonnage has been selected, it s important to decide whether to install a window or split AC. If you move about quite a bit, purchasing a window unit is best.

Both options consume nearly the same amount of energy, but given that it costs quite a bit more to install and re-install split-AC equipment, a lot of people find window options to be preferable. One benefit that you gain with a split AC is a flexible installation.

You don’t have to have a window or vent in order to put one of these units in. A split AC can also be far more attractive and much quieter than window designs. If you want greater variety, you will get more options with a split designs. For a very powerful air conditioner, such as a 2 ton air conditioner, split options are the most convenient choice in comparison to window design.

3. Energy Star Ratings: You can rely on Energy Star ratings. Energy bills increase significantly during summer according to the change in outdoor temperatures. AC units use the most power. Now, however, you can invest in a unit that is much more efficient. If you are going to purchase an air conditioner this year, make sure that you check the star rating that a model has received from the BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency).

This rating will allow you to determine which models are environmentally-friendly and capable of helping you limit power consumption. It is necessary to run an AC in India for an average of 252 days per year. BEE ratings range from 1 star to 5 stars. Models that have 5 stars are the most efficient and will help you lower your energy bills.

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