A Guide to Knowing Which Air Conditioner is Best

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Summer brings about clear skies, good weather and the full fury of the sun. We all have different ways to deal with the heat during an unusually summer day like going to the beach, putting a hammock under a shady tree or sipping ice cold bear or lemonade.

Nothing beats the heat of the mid-summer sun like staying inside an air-conditioned room though and that is why sales of air-conditioning units are at its peak during summer. If you don’t have an air-conditioner yet, you should invest in one as soon as you can.

Choosing which air conditioner is best is a daunting task though because of the number of options you have. Don’t worry though as the information below can help you make the right decisions when shopping for an air-conditioning unit.

Window Air Conditioner Units – This type of AC has enough cooling power for a medium-sized bedroom or small living room. This is among the easiest to install among other types and takes less than an hour to finish. A Window AC is mounted directly through a window supported by a bracket assembly. Various models are available for most home and office window types such as casement windows or double hung windows.

Through-the-wall AC – This type is exactly identical to Window air-conditioners in terms of cooling capacity and energy use. It is not as easy to install though as it requires cutting a hole in your living room wall precisely the same size of its support sleeve where the AC will be mounted.

Room Air Conditioners – These are very small units designed to cool a limited amount of space such as a small bedroom. It is installed the same as through-the-wall units.

PTAC – These are huge, self-contained air-conditioned units perfect for cooling large residential, commercial or office rooms. It doubles as a heater as well.

Portable Air Conditioner – These are small units you can move around easily to cool or warm any area of your house.

Ductless Splits – Mostly used in central air-conditioning, Ductless Splits are powerful AC units found in hospitals, shopping malls, cinemas and large office. Unlike most air-conditioners, it has a separate compressor system installed outdoors.

These are the most common type of air conditioning systems available in the market today. Making the right choice on what type to buy depends on how much space needs cooling.

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