A Guide to the Best Portable Air Conditioners for Large Rooms

Best Portable Home Air Conditioners
Consumers searching for the best portable air conditioners for large rooms can start by finding a unit with a cooling capacity of at least 12,000 BTUs. A 12000 BTU air conditioner unit will adequately cool any room in excess of 400 square feet and smaller rooms up to 300 square feet that receive direct sunlight.

Experts warn consumers against purchasing a unit that is too large for the room. A unit that is larger than necessary cools the room quicker but shuts off before it has a chance to extract moisture from the air leaving a damp and clammy environment.

Advanced models have the ability to heat and dehumidify a room in addition to keeping it cool. These units offer year round temperature control and eliminate the need for storage during the winter months.

The AC-12000E by NewAir retails for approximately $460 and is among the highest rated units by consumers. Users can set the room temperature at a minimum of 64 degrees Fahrenheit, a maximum of 90 degrees or anywhere in between. The convenient programmable timer allows for customized cooling around the clock.

The biggest drawback is a noise output of 57 decibels, which makes this product the loudest cooling unit in this report. Many buyers agree that the trade-off between the noise level and its ability to cool is worth it.

Consumers give the a href=”//www.theairconditionerguide.com/edgestar-portable-air-conditioner-reviews/”>Extreme Cool AP 12000S by EdgeStar high reviews for its long-term reliability. With its programmable timer, dehumidifying function and 3M carbon filter, the estimated $390 price tag is an outstanding value. One online review touts this unit for its compact size, cooling ability and stylish appearance.

The Extreme Cool AP14001HS is another air cooler by EdgeStar that is comparable to the AP12000S but has the added capacity to heat a room as well as cool it. With 14,000 BTUs, this unit costs about $500 and can control the temperature in a large room even during the hottest days of summer.

At 75 pounds, this unit is the heaviest portable appliance on our list. The weight does not concern most buyers because they can use it year round so there is no need to move it into storage when the outdoor temperature drops.

Both of the EdgeStar air conditioning units listed in this report operate at a quieter level than the unit by NewAir and each comes with a three-year warranty compared to the one year coverage offered by NewAir. Despite these advantages, the NewAir appliance has higher ratings by consumers and weighs less than the EdgeStar models.

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