A Guide to the Best Rated 14000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

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Consumers who are looking for the best rated 14000 BTU portable air conditioner should consider the 14,000 BTU ARC-14S by Whynter. This environmentally friendly dual hose unit is suitable for any living space.

This A/C has a handy drain function to control condensation, a venting system that is simple to install and four modes of operation.

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Homeowners can set up this portable appliance in any location. The compact size and dual hose design maximizes space utilization in small rooms. It uses CFC free R-410A refrigerant , which will not harm the ozone and contains lead-free components that are RoHS compliant.

Keep the Air in Any Room Cool and Fresh

This unit is powerful enough to cool the air in any room up to a maximum of 500 sq ft. It is suitable for use in a living room, workshop, classroom, bedroom or computer server room.

Simple to Relocate to Any Room

The case features four multidirectional casters making it simple to wheel to another location without the need to risk safety by lifting and carrying it. The unit is 35.5 inches high by 19 inches wide x 16 inches deep.

Auto Drain Automatically Removes Condensation

This air conditioner has auto drain technology meaning it extracts moisture from the air and provides adequate cooling for everyday use.

Enjoy Energy Efficiency and Optimal Airflow with Dual Hose Exhaust Technology

This A/C unit draws warm air from inside the room and outdoors for optimal efficiency. The exhaust hose disperses the warm to the outside environment. This efficient system delivers improved airflow similar to a window air conditioner.

The ARC-14S Features Three Modes of Operation

This air cooler also operates as a fan and dehumidifier in addition to keeping the air cool. The cooling mode dehumidifies while cooling.The dehumidifier removes moisture without cooling the air. The fan operates at four speeds to improve air circulation within the room.

The dehumidifier removes 101 pints of water per day and with the digital thermostat, users can select a temperature between 61 degrees and 89 degrees Fahrenheit.

No Permanent Installation Needed

The window slide bar included in the installation kit will fit any window up to a maximum of 36 inches wide. Users can adjust the slide bar horizontally or vertically. The kit comes with a pair of extendable exhaust hoses, which are 49 inches long. All components for attaching the hoses to the slide bar and A/C unit are included in the kit.

The ARC-14S vents through any window, requires no permanent installation and can be modified to install in wall openings or any room with a dropped ceiling.

Remote Control and Easy to Use Control Panel

The LCD display on the control panel is easy to read. Control settings include fan speed, temperature selection and mode. The 24-hour timer allows users to program the cooler to automatically shut off or on at predetermined times. Users can control the A/C from any location in the room using the convenient remote control

Two Filter System Keeps Air Clean

The system features a carbon filter that neutralizes odors in addition to a pre-filter to provide fresh air. Users can clean the pre-filter by rinsing it with water or vacuuming out any dust and debris. Users will have to replace the carbon filter four to six times per year for optimal performance.

Safety and Auto Restart Features

This unit will automatically restart after a power outage. It also comes with an LCDI plug to prevent arcing within the power cord from starting a fire.

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