A Quick Review Of The Best Quiet Wall Air Conditioner

On a hot day, the best thing that you can have is a good air conditioning unit. Fortunately, this type of technology is becoming increasingly cooler. Some of the newest room ACs have digital timers, displays and even smart fans that can auto adjust to maintain the perfect temp along with remote control functionality.

These units are also far quieter, much more energy-efficient and a lot easier to put in and maintain than the cooling equipment that was on the market just several years ago.

Following is our review of the best quiet wall air conditioner.

Wall-mounted – These room ACs are mounted permanently to the wall by placing a metal sleeve through the wall and then inserting the AC chassis from the interior. There are both cooling only wall-mounted models and those that have both cooling and heating capacities.

Benefits: Attractive, provides a more secure fit than a window unit, there is no need to store this unit and it is easy to replace or do DIY maintenance. Moreover, if you have a single window in your room, you can still get sunlight in this space with a design that is wall-mounted.

Drawbacks – The costs of installation can be considerable – it will be necessary to cut an opening through the exterior and with large units, it could be necessary to install a dedicated 200 volt line. It is also important to note that a number of these units do not come with the metal sleeve and thus, these are a separate purchase that can run between $50 and $100.

Cost – These units typically range between $400 for up to 700 sq ft spaces and $700 for heating and cooling a space that measures approximately 1,000 sq ft.

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