A Through the Wall Air Conditioner Ductless Unit Saves Cash

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You want your through the wall air conditioner ductless unit to be right for your specific situation. They do come with some advantages, like the capability of being installed in order to replace most any type of central air unit. They can be a very nice alternative to any of the window air conditioner units as well. In this article we will explore how these units are used and look into how they could be used more effectively.

Through the Wall Air Conditioner DuctlessAmong many of the problems that the professionals encounter, is being asked to install central air into one of the older homes that were never designed to have air conditioning in the first place. They can have very thick stone walls. Many times they also have little to no insulation. Their floor structures might be made from rough cut lumber, and their joist spacing can simple be done at random.

Their walls and ceilings can be made from plaster and lathe. Nearly everything about them cries out against installing central air. Many of the log style homes make it difficult to install any type of ducted central air. They have open ceilings along with bare log wall designs that just don’t allow for ducting. I am quite sure there are more situations than the ones I just mentioned, but these are the ones I’ve run into the most often.

If you own a building or a home that fits into one of the above mentioned categories, then you might want to do some investigating into installing a ductless AC. You can install them in just about any kind of building or home. This small indoor AC can be mounted on a wall with just a few screws. The majority of these units only call for drilling a 3 inch hole into the outside the wall. The newer unit installations can be placed on the inside walls. It just takes a little planning. In the older style homes or the homes already built, the units need to be placed on the outside walls.

You can place an outdoor condenser unit as far as 100 feet from your indoor units. Just one outdoor unit is able to service a lot of indoor units. You can hook up as many as 4 indoor units to the exact same outdoor condenser. There are very advanced electronics that will control condenser operation and compressor operation, in order to supply the necessary refrigerant for the indoor handler units while they are running simultaneously.

The condenser fan and compressor will, with the help of variable speed technology, run only as fast as they need to. This new technology has really added a lot of efficiency over the past few years. You don’t have to sacrifice efficiency with ductless split units.

The mini split ACs also carry another good advantage. They have the capability of being controlled for running only in rooms that really need some air conditioning. If you don’t plan of spending time in a specific room, you can simply shut that unit down. They also have timers so you can set them to turn on and off when you want them to. If you plan on being at work all day, you can set it to come an hour before you get home, so you can come into a comfortable home or the room you plan to be in.

These timers can turn the AC on so you get home and the house is cool. Central air is quite difficult to zone very effectively. Another thing about the central air systems, is that their outdoor compressors are going to be running at top capacity cooling even rooms you hardly ever use. You can find a few of the central air systems that carry the variable speed technology, but they just aren’t as effective or efficient as ductless split technology.

A ductless heat pump is yet another excellent idea to study. If you are willing to spend a few more dollars, you can easily get heat out of your air conditioning mini split. This can add up to big savings, since in early spring or early fall weather they can supply you with heat, and you won’t have to fire up that monster boiler or furnace down in your basement. In warmer climates, they can be an effective heat source for the whole year.

A ductless split air AC is absolutely a way of solving a lot of the problems homeowners can face. Then when you add up all the other benefits they bring to the table, you can see how they’re worth every last penny. They are a good investment. Installing them is not a common DIY project, but requires a good contractor for getting it done properly.

With a little research and by hiring the right contractor, you can be enjoying trouble-free service for a lot of happy years.

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