A Windowless Air Conditioner Can Provide Prompt Heat Relief

Compact is where it’s at in terms of looks and convenience. Thus, it comes as no surprise why portable AC units (also known as windowless air conditioner units) are becoming increasingly popular. To learn more about this emergent trend that is breezing across the country, keep reading.

When ambient air begins to dampen, daily survival in homes that lack central AC becomes difficult. This creates a dilemma, as such units are quite costly. Fortunately, a portable air conditioning device offers an ideal solution that provides a mobile source of refrigerated  air at any time and anywhere you desire.

Whether at home or on the job at office or industrial site, you can stay comfortable in just the right level of coolness.

All windowless models may be installed quickly and easily without busting your back or windowsills. Besides that, you may lift them without a bit of muscle strain to move them at will from one area to another. As for hot spots that central A/C often cannot hit, portable units work well as backup. These scaled-down A/C versions are also very good fits for non-standard window shapes.

Buying a portable AC appliance is an ideal cost-cutting strategy over the long run. This is because you get a single air cooler that may be carried along wherever you go, instead of cranking up a huge machinery to blow air through the entire house. That means energy bills shrink proportionally as well.

Another major gain that portable A/C models give is exceptionally efficient energy consumption. An overall average SEER rating that ranges from 8 to 10 and a few that even reach 15 make high-tech portability the winner by far over outmoded bulky A/Cs.

Smaller dimensions make portable AC devices very beneficial by Mobile air conditionerbeing able to sit safely out of the way in corners or next to nearby walls.

Without hot air exhaust attachments, portable air coolers function as dehmudification systems and occupy the same area space.

Portable A/Cs even help optimize household occupants’ health by minimizing moisture that inhibits allergen growth. Indeed, even the most compact designs extract 35 pints of dampness per day without any difficulty. Portable AC operation is based on heat-exchange dynamics as are most air conditioning units designed to dehumidify and cool surrounding air.

It works very much like a window air conditioner in that it keep rooms cool by circulating air across evaporator cooling coils that are housed within the interior of the appliance. Inside air is routed to the exterior just after going over the hot condensing element. Thus, cool interior air and exiting hot air never mix because each flows via a separate duct.

There are portable ACs with electronic control panels that let you pre-set your exact preferred temperature level. It is also possible to adjust blower rotation rate, program automatic start/stop, and specific mode of operation (dehumidify, hot, cold). Portable ACs also come with palm-sized remote controls that enable desired adjustments with the touch of a button from several feet away.

Several additional advantageous portable air conditioner features are built-in air cleaning filters with charcoal options and revolving grill louvers for even cold air distribution throughout entire room.

If you are looking for a windowless ac, the Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner (ARC-14S)  is one of our favorites.

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