About Your Air Conditioner for Jayco Hawk

Air Conditioner for Jayco Hawk
Those sweltering summer heatwaves can send anybody running for shade. When you are traveling or trying to get to sleep under these conditions, it can seem unbearable, like being in a mobile sauna.

Air Conditioner for Jayco HawkIf your air conditioner for Jayco Hawk doesn’t have enough cooling power, then you still have a few options. Rather than cranking a small roof vent open, today’s campers are choosing the comfort of having ACs mounted on their RVs.

However, providing power to an AC that is miles away from any electrical outlet might be a little tricky.

With a generator, your AC could actually run out in the middle of nowhere. It would be no trouble at all. There are basically 3 ways to get power to the roof-top AC using a generator:

RV Generator – Anyone who owns a motor home or a 5th-wheel trailer has felt how the temperature can rise inside a trailer that is packed with a load of party-goers who are traveling to see a big game.

The air that comes from the dashboard just isn’t enough to cool down the RV. For extra needed air conditioning you simply flip on the switch to your RV generator. Now you can crank up your roof-top AC to help maintain a comfortable environment for the road trip.

Medium Recreational Portable – Anyone owning a pop-up camper or travel trailer most likely doesn’t have a compartment for an RV generator. What they need is a portable recreational generator. It should be carrying at least 2,800 watts for jump-starting the rooftop AC. The Champion Power Equipment No.75531i Inverter Generator is a good choice for this.

Sadly, a medium sized generator is not light. This is especially true when they’re filled with gas. You need to have at least two people to unpack one of these generators and get it setup outside.

2 x Small Recreational Portables – For those without the manpower it takes to haul around one of those big generators, simply split that load in half. There are recreational generators that can be combined for generating enough juice to kick your AC over.

It will take 2 small generators along with a parallel cable. In reality, this type of a bundled package is even more powerful and also less expensive than if you had one of the single medium recreational generators.

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