AC Portable Panasonic Units are Not the Only Option

The other day we got an email from someone who wanted to find an AC portable Panasonic system. While, we aren’t aware of a portable unit, Panasonic has come up with an entire line of quality split air conditioning systems in recent years, like the 36PEU1U6 Single Split Mini Air Conditioner System With Wireless Remote Control Self-Diagnosing Function Dry Mode 3 Fan Speeds Automatic Fan Operation Air Sweep Control & Louver.

We will provide information on how to find a quality air conditioner that is right for your home.

Most AC reviews will take into account the EER or BTU numbers. BTU is an acronym that designates British Thermal Units, these numbers can range from only 5,000 up to 18,000. An AC unit with a higher BTU will offer more cooling power. However, the higher the BTU, the more the air conditioner will typically cost. Generally, you can calculate the BTU that will be needed to cool a room by taking the square footage of the room and multiplying it by 35.

EER is another acronym and it represents the Energy Efficiency Ratio. The EER represents how much energy the AC will use. The higher the EER, the less energy the air conditioning unit will use, which, of course, will help you save money on cooling bills. EER numbers will range from an 8.2 up to 10.5.

Some of the biggest brands offering AC units include Kenmore, Samsung, Carrier, Whirlpool, Panasonic, Friedrich, LG and Sharp. All of these brands offer ACs with a variety of EER and BTU ratings. Some of the best air conditioners are the ones made by Carrier.

These units are known for providing fast cooling, but also for being quiet and having condensers and compressors that last for many years. Carrier AC units have another distinction, they are among the most expensive units on the market. Some of Carrier’s newest models now replace air conditioners that used Freon-22 with a more environmentally friendly Puron.

Kenmore also offers excellent AC units with exceptional reviews. These air conditioners are known for providing a high cooling capacity while still having a high EER rating, which significantly lowers operating costs. Additionally, they offer sleek, contemporary designs, which give them an edge over other air conditioning units on the market.

LG and Whirlpool also have great reputations, but they tend to have more market appeal in Asia. Both brands are known for providing reliable products and offer prices that are more affordable.

Due to the overwhelming amount of competition in the air conditioner market, every brand spends a great deal of money in researching and finding ways to perfect their products.

Friedrich air conditioners offer a money-saver feature, this feature will help you save money on electric bills by simply having the fan synchronized with the AC cycle. Most leading companies also use dehumidifiers and offer fragrances that can be placed in the air conditioning ducts in order to make them more appealing.

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