Air Conditioner 18000 BTU Prices

Somebody wrote in and asked about air conditioner 18000 BTU prices. You are looking at a price range of around $600 to $900 for a good 18000 BTU window AC. The following is a review of one of our favorite 18000 BTU window units – The LG Window-Mounted AC.

The LG LW1812ERS 18,000 BTU Window-Mounted Air Conditioner with Remote Control (230 volts) is a perfect choice for any room up to 1000 sq. feet. You get plenty of cooling power and save on its energy saver function with a 24hr on and off timer. It carries a 10.7 Energy Efficiency Ratio. With the full-function remote you’ll be able to control your cooling from across the room.

Additionally, LG’s patented Gold Fin protective coating gives you anti-corrosion protection, and delivers an excellent protective shield that will add life to your window air conditioner unit. It requires a special 230V electrical outlet. It was not designed to operate with the standard 115V household variety electrical outlet.

Window-Mounted AC

While this unit does not operate with your normal 115V outlet, it is able to give you 3 cooling speeds along with 3 fan speeds, along with an ‘Auto Cool’ function. This puts the control of your cooling right into your hands. Summer living can get brutal sometimes, you go through storms and high winds and very extreme heat.

These conditions can lead to power outages. You can stay covered with your ‘Auto Restart’ function, that will automatically turn your unit back on whenever power is restored.

Energy Efficiency

This air conditioning unit carries a 10.7 Energy Efficiency Ratio, which calculates into good savings for you. They are convenient and deliver great cooling comfort. When your fan is in Energy-saver mode it will continue running for around 3 additional minutes after cooling has stopped.

You have the option of selecting high, medium, or low on your fan speed so you can properly adjust the cooling in the room. Because your fan is not continuously circulating the air in the room, you use less energy.

Electronic Touch Controls

The electronic controls enable you to choose your cooling options very easily with just a touch of a button. Having the ability to cool up to a 1000 sq. feet, your 4-way air deflection will direct your cool air to wherever you want it.

You can adjust your deflection to direct the air up, down, or left to right, moving the air where you need it the most. With the 3 fan speeds and cooling speeds along with your 24hr time, you are in the drivers seat for controlling your air any way you want, on your own schedule.

Remote Control

This convenient remote control will allow you to set and also maintain the room temperature from clear across the room. You can change the timer, fan speed, and temperature, all without having to get out of your seat.

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