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Air conditioners have two outdoor units; the compressor and condenser. In residential AC systems, the compressor is usually packed into a single sealed unit. The compressor has a motorized pump which moves hot refrigerant gas from inside a building through the evaporator coil and air ducts. As the refrigerant condenses, its pressure and temperature also increase.

A compressor is similar to an automobile engine in that it has a cylinder and a piston. As the piston moves down the cylinder, it sucks in the refrigerant gas and compresses it as it moves upwards. In addition to commercial and residential airconditioner systems, AC compressors can also be found in cars. They perform the same function in both buildings and automobiles.

When it comes to air conditioning, the compressor performs the most important role. For this reason, it is important to always ensure that the device is in good shape through regular maintenance. The area surrounding the AC compressor should be cleaned on a regular basis. Any object that may prevent smooth flow of air to the condenser should be removed. These may include tree leaves, vines, weeds and grass among other types of debris.

If a compressor has been damaged beyond repair, it should be replaced promptly. Every compressor has a serial and model number etched into the name-plate. When shopping for a replacement part, be sure to remember these numbers.iStock_000015623201_Small

However, you should not bother comparing air conditioner compressor cost if your warranty has not yet expired. Instead, you should contact the manufacturer or supplier and give them the details of your AC compressor. The manufacturer can either give you a rebate on a replacement or replace the compressor at no extra charge. Compressors are usually uninstalled during winter, and this offers the best opportunity for cleaning.

Air conditioner compressors that are installed in automobiles should be checked regularly to ensure that they are not damaged in any way. Watch out for warning signs like looseness, worn out parts and cracks. The tubes that are connected to AC compressors should also be checked for wear or damage. All damaged or worn out tubes should be replaced.

To test the condition of the compressor, switch on your car and adjust the AC to any temperature. If there is no temperature change within a few minutes, this may be an indication of a faulty compressor, so you may want to replace it or have it repaired by a professional.

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