Air Conditioner Functions and Compressor Costs

air conditioner compressor cost
There are 3 main parts to an air conditioner unit. They are the condenser, the evaporator, and the compressor. You can find the condenser and compressor on the outside of your AC unit, and your evaporator will be located inside.

air conditioner compressor costThe AC basically functions on a principle of successive cooling and heating of what is a very highly volatile liquid like ‘Freon’. The Freon enter into the compressor where it gets compressed into a gas. That releases heat and causes the liquid to become cooler. The heat is then dissipated and radiates outward, helped by a fan. Then the liquid enters into your condenser where it will absorb heat from its surrounding area and reconvert that heat into a gas. That creates cooler surroundings. This whole process goes on continually, causing the room to cool down.

Aside from those 3 main fundamental air conditioner parts, your AC unit also contains a hot coil. This is found on the outside, and its function is to dissipate heat. Then you also have a cool coil attached on the inside that will absorb heat. There are 2 fans, one outside and one inside, along with a control circuit for modifying the temperature. It creates temperature changes by rotating the fan speeds with the help of a potentiometer.

The most expensive, and most important part of your AC unit is your compressor. Most companies provide a warranty on the compressors, and the good ones will give good service over several years. The new air conditioner compressor cost can run you between $2,000 and $3,000 (installation included), for a 3 bedroom home.

If your original compressor becomes faulty, you can purchase a new one and install it into your air conditioner. It’s always best to try to get a new compressor that is manufactured by the same company as the original one. It is noteworthy here to mention, however, that there are just a select few companies manufacturing their own compressors. Other companies simply purchase them and install them into their units.

Evaporators and condensers are also replaceable. It’s the same way with your heating and cooling coils. When you have coil problems, you have faulty heat dissipation which will produce unsatisfactory results. The fans are always the easiest elements to replace. They are easily installed with fitted screws attaching them from the outer side of the AC unit, and wires that run to the AC circuit board.

Another component of your AC unit is the outer cover. It has no other function aside from giving your unit an aesthetic appeal and helping to keep out dust. They are usually made out of molded plastic and come in a broad variety of colors and different designs. The knobs and buttons come in a wide variety as well. If you AC unit is facing the road on the outside of your home, then you really should have a water-carrying duct for it.

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