Air Conditioner Not Cooling House: Choosing Between Professional Help and DIY

Air Conditioner Not Cooling House
Air conditioner maintenance isn’t rocket science; simple cleaning will solve most of the problems that people face with their air conditioners.

Keeping your air con’s grille and filter clean will not only ensure better cooling but also add years to the equipment’s usable life. Air Conditioner Not Cooling HouseParticles can deposit inside the air filters, choking the ducts and making the air con ineffective. Simply cleaning the air filter will sort this out.

The most common problem that owners complain of is that their air conditioner not cooling house. Other problems include dripping water, making a wheezing sound when turned off, and faulty temperature control.

Before you call for professional help, take a look inside the user manual that came with your unit. Most of these problems can be solved at home without professional intervention.

Remember to kill the power before you undertake any repair or maintenance activity. Taking off the grille is easy but in some units, the grille is attached to the fan and you can unknowingly dislodge the latter while attempting to open the grille.

Make sure that you don’t upset any wires and break connections while taking off the grille and disconnecting the fan. If you must take off wires connecting the fan to the main board, take note of their sequence so that you plug them back in order after the repair.

If the device refuses to stir at all, it may be due to a fuse that tripped. Fuses are simple devices and you shouldn’t have to pay a technician to replace them. Thumb through the air con’s user manual for it will surely include the procedure of changing a fuse.

The oft-encountered problem of water accumulation just below the conditioner can be traced to leaky ducts. There are several ducts in each unit and once you locate which one is leaking, a simple replacement will solve the problem. The instructions for this too are included in user manuals.

Thermostats can be trickier to repair. They can cause your room to be suddenly freezing and if the heat pump is faulty, the temperatures might oscillate uncontrollably. Usually, you will have to seek out professional help to repair these two devices.

Basic air conditioner repair can be undertaken by anyone. However, if you are not so confident about your repair skills, call for the company’s technicians instead of repairmen to do it for you.

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