Air Conditioner Unit Freezing Up Outside and What To Do About It

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A constantly freezing air conditioner is an indicator of overdue maintenance. If you do not get it serviced, you are at risk of losing it for good.

There are several complaints of freezing units from a number of people. In fact, we’ve seen freezing up issues with all sorts of air conditioners: window air conditioner units, split ac models, and central air conditioners.This freezing can result from a number of different factors.

Leaks that occur due to low refrigerant levels are bound to cause freezing. As a result of the leakage, the AC’s coil may get cold leading to the formation of ice.

With time, the ice grows and becomes an effective insulator. Running such as a frozen unit will lead to further damage, especially in the compressor. To prevent this, ensure that the refrigerant level is checked regularly.

Furthermore, you need to turn off the compressor so that the fan can melt the ice.

A properly installed AC needs to have a designated location for the evaporator coil to drain. If it happens to be draining inside the unit, then you are likely to experience freezing. Therefore, always ensure that there is a hose attached to the coil for proper drainage.

For your unit to function optimally, the coil filter and blower wheel have to be clean at all times. Dirt on any of them will hamper effective cooling and can lead to the air conditioner unit freezing up outside. To be safe, clean the two at least every month.

The filters of an AC need to be checked regularly and cleaned or air conditioner filterreplaced if needed. When they get dirty, they will restrict air flow.

This can result in a drop in the cooling point of the unit’s coil and eventual freezing. Moreover, air vents also need to be cleaned from time to time since they can also cause restricted airflow.

Ducts that may not be proportional to the unit’s cooling ability can also play a vital role in causing freezing of the unit. Regardless of the temperature outside, your air conditioner should still function properly. In case the temperatures get too cold, you can invest in a temperature controlling device to aid the AC.

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