Air Conditioner Unit Leaking Water

Here are common issues reported by people who use portable air conditioners.

Leaking Unit

A portable ac unit produces moisture from the cool air drawn in from outside. An air conditioner unit leaking water may be caused Mobile air conditionerby a full drainage tank or drain plugs are not firmly secured. It is also important to empty the tank whenever you need to move the unit.

Frequent ON and OFF

For a portable AC to be effective, there should not be any obstacles in its air vents. The unit normally shuts down to prevent overheating whenever air flow is obstructed.

To resolve this, check the exhaust hose from the unit to where it ends outside. During this inspection look for any kinks that would make it difficult to draw and exhale air. You should also ascertain that it is correctly fixed on the AC. Moreover, in case you may have used an additional hose, remove it. This is because the hose that comes with the unit is long enough. Any additional length will lead to increased air friction.

The Unit Is Running but No Cooling Effect Can Be Felt

The performance of an air conditioner is greatly reduced when its air filters are dirty. Therefore, you need to have them checked and replaced on a regular basis. In case you experience the mentioned problem, air filters should be the first place to look. Avoid reusing disposable filters because they are very difficult to clean.

Furthermore, you can check both the intake and exhaust vents for obstruction. If the unit is not properly aerated, it will be hard for it to draw cold air hence not being able to cool the room. Any obstacles such as boxes that are pushed near the intake vent should be removed to restore its performance.

If your windows and doors are open, you are likely to experience this. Whenever the AC is running, door and windows should be closed for its optimal performance.

Extremely Noisy Unit

All portable air conditioner make noise. However, rattling, jarring and groaning noises are abnormal and require immediate investigation. Increased noise could be caused by a unit that it is not level. Such units usually vibrate leading to undesired noise. Therefore, you need to ensure that it sits on a level stand without touching any vibrating objects.

These simple troubleshooting instructions can save you or your business a lot of money by handling similar issues instead of calling in professionals.

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