Air Conditioner Units: Window AC Unit Guide

A window air conditioning unit can be very efficient method for cooling a single room or a small office space. Before jumping into a purchase, however, you should be informed of the ups and downs of window air conditioners.

thermometerLet’s explore why people purchase these window units in the first place.

  • If someone has a central cooling system, she may choose to turn off this system at night. On particularly hot nights, an air conditioner may be necessary to fall asleep. Having a single-room AC unit is a great way to save money while remaining comfortable at night.
  • Window units work well for keeping one person’s bedroom cooler than the others in the home. Some people really do not enjoy the feel of air conditioning, so a central AC unit would be unnecessary in this situation. If only one or two people in a household like air conditioning, then a single-room unit is a more cost-effective option.
  • Another reason to purchase a window unit is that they are generally cheaper than portable ac units. In this example, a window air conditioner will almost always be the most cost-effective way to cool the room.


  • Place the cooling hose of the AC unit in a direction that window• away from the window itself. Otherwise, condensation start to drain into your window frame. This will cause water damage and, in the long run, expensive damage.
  • Properly fit the seal around the unit, and seal the window seams with silicone. Doing this will ensure that your unit runs at maximum efficiency, which means a lower electricity bill for you.


  • When you consider the level of comfort provided by air conditioners, the cost of a window unit is nearly always worth it. Many new units are now Energy Star compliant, which means that they are certified as highly energy efficient. When considering your options, always look for the energy efficiency rating on the packaging.

When deciding on a window cooling system, explore all of your options on the market. Make your purchase based upon your priorities. If, for example, you are on a tight budget and you don’t plan on using your AC unit frequently, consider purchasing a used air conditioner.

If you live in a very hot area, or if long-term energy savings are a priority for you, it may be in your best interest to pay a bit extra for an Energy Star appliance.

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