Air Conditioner Vent Filters: The Insider’s Guide

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Air conditioners make it possible to sit comfortably in your home or office. With proper maintenance, the unit can serve you diligently during hot weather. You should always check and replace air filters for improved efficiency. When dirt and pollutants go through the filter, they can have detrimental health effects. Here are important steps that can help you replace air conditioner vent filters.

The first step involves identification of the filter compartment as well as the furnace. The two are usually covered with a sliding metallic strip located on the outer surface of the AC

air conditioner filterSecondly, you need to know the filter size that you require for the replacement. Size is normally indicated on the side of the airconditioner. Most units use 16×24″ filters. Getting the right size will ensure that the filter can easily fit into the AC.

Next, you should come up with requirements that the filter should be able to match. Things such as size, type and model are essential in finding the right one. Moreover, you should be able to decide whether to go for synthetic fiber or spun glass.

Once you have settled on your requirements, you should then look at the desired efficiency of the filter. Depending on where your office or home is located, you can choose a filter that is specifically meant for that location. If you live in a dusty location, the filter needs to have a thicker mesh to trap all the sand particles that the AC vent draws. However, people who live in less dusty areas require a simple air filter.

Antimicrobial treatment may also be useful for your filters. Treated air conditioner filters help in fighting bacteria and other harmful microorganisms that may be harmful to the family. They help in fighting allergies and potentially dangerous bacteria. Therefore, you need to decide whether to go for a treated or plain filter.

Whenever you remove the air filter for cleaning, it is important to mark the way it was placed in the vent. This way, you can replace it easily and in the right way while preventing damage to your unit. You can use black ink to mark corresponding parts on the filter itself and the unit.

Lastly, it is crucial to replace your air conditioner filters every 3 months. This ensures that your unit does not keep running with worn out filters thereby putting you and your family at risk. Other than replacing, you can also clean them regularly. Buying a filter from a renowned manufacturer will guarantee you a lot of benefits and longer life span.

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