Air Conditioners for Horse Trailers

wall mounted air conditioner units
The warmer months offer many opportunities to travel with your horse/s and participate in fun events, both relaxing and energizing. Any equine enthusiast who hits the road will speak up for the importance of keeping your horse comfortable and healthy.

Air Conditioners for Horse TrailersThe heat in a horse trailer can build up quickly, to levels that can be dangerous for your horse. Air conditioners for horse trailers are one way to be sure that everyone reaches their destination in best form and health.

Some travelers may argue that open windows provide enough ventilation, but may be unaware of how quickly the heat can build up on the road, or even worse, when the trailer is stopped for only a short time.

Extreme temperatures can lead to dangerous conditions like dehydration and overheating. An air conditioning unit for the roof of the trailer can ease these worries.

What’s more, once the decision has been made to purchase an air conditioning unit, it is wise to keep it in good working condition and replace it when necessary. I have had much experience installing and replacing these units and know that the investment of time and money is not as high as many fear.

If you have chosen to make the investment on a new or replacement AC unit, you must first choose a dependable one. Coleman offers a variety of high quality models that offers the efficiency demanded of today’s models, as well as a name on which you can depend.

An excellent choice is Coleman Mach 8 Ultra Low Profile – 15k – White – 8in High – 47204A876. With its greater cooling capabilities, it can handle larger campers and trailers. When deciding between two similar units, it is wise to go with the larger one, insuring efficient cooling under even the hottest circumstances. A larger unit can handle the job well, without risk of straining and compromising the functioning of a smaller one.

As always, it is wise to ask about policies regarding returns. Some models work better in specific environments, and if you have made a mistake, you want to be sure you have not spent your money for naught.

In all, you will be glad you have made the choice to safeguard the health and well being of your horse, with the investment in a dependable AC unit for your horse trailer.


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