Air Conditioning Wall Units: Ductless or With Ducts?

About 20 or 30 years ago, a new type of air conditioner was introduced in Japan and Europe. Known as ductless air conditioners, these units were designed to be highly energy efficient and small.

Unlike the more typical central air conditioners with ducts in the US, the ductless systems were intended to take up less space and consume less electricity.

There are many benefits of investing in air conditioner wall units that are ductless. In particular, these ductless systems are:

  • more secure than window or portable ac units
  • they are cheap to run
  • they come in a variety of styles
  • they require no messy or expensive duct work to install

Here is how a ductless split ac works:

First of all, the compressor (the noisiest part of the machine) is located outside. This means that you will get cooling without all of the racket of a window or portable unit. The indoor unit (the blowing fan) is relatively quiet and quite slim in its shape. This means that you can install it in any room and it will not be an eyesore.

Another benefit of the ductless models is that they do not require you to cut any big holes in your walls to connect the two units. In fact, you can get away with drilling a small two-inch hole in your exterior wall to connect the indoor and outdoor units.

Moreover, you don’t need to deal with the hassle of hiring a HVAC contractor to install ducts like there are in a regular central air conditioner.

Finally, ductless wall air conditioners are not terribly expensive, particularly when compared to the thousands of dollars you can spend on a central air conditioner. Rather, you can pick up and install a ductless system for under $1500.

In fact, it will cost even less if you are comfortable installing it yourself. Another perk is that some states offer tax credits for investing in energy-efficient split ac units so that is another potential cost saving.

One of our favorite ductless split ac models is the Pioneer Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner, Heat Pump, 12000 BTU (1 Ton), 13 SEER, Cooling, Heating, Dehumidification, Ventilation. Including 16 Foot Installation Kit.. 110~120 VAC. which you can find here. It is reasonably priced, cools brilliantly, and will work in just about any room in your home.

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