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One of the most important, but often overlooked, pieces of your air conditioning system is the filter. A dirty, clogged air filter can cause issues with air condition performance and release unhealthy particles into the air which can cause problem when it comes to allergies and respiratory illnesses.

best air conditioner filters for houseUnder normal use, you want to clean the filter in your airconditioner at least once every six to eight weeks. If the temperatures outside are exceedingly hot and your air conditioner is running constantly you might want to consider more frequent cleanings.

In an office environment where the unit is much larger and the environment could be a little rougher, filter checks should be conducted twice a month.

Depending on what type or size unit you have, there are a few different types of filters that it may use but each is relatively easy to clean or change in order to ensure optimal performance of your cooling system. A clean filter has a number of positive benefits for your home or office — in addition to creating a healthier environment a clean filter can also keep more money in your pocket.

A dirty filter causes your cooling system to work harder in order to reach the temperature you set on your thermostat. This results in higher utility bills and more stress on your system. The additional stress could cause premature breakdown of parts and require more frequent maintenance which can really drive up the total cost of operation.

When selecting the right filter for your system you need to consider things like quality, performance and fit. Getting the appropriately sized filter (whether disposable or permanent) is critical to performance and air quality as an ill-fitting filter can allow allergen and particles to get into your air even if your filter is brand new.

Selecting the right, high quality, high performance M8-1056 20x25x5 Goodman, Amana & Five Seasons MERV 11 Media Filter and checking/cleaning it on a regular basis will help to ensure the best possible performance from your unit. This practice will also work to keep the air in your home or office clean and keep your utility bills in check.

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