Amana Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

A major manufacturer known for reliable heating and cooling systems, the Amana company was established in 1934. Amana is a major player in the air conditioner marketplace and is the recipient of the coveted Army-Navy E Award for Excellence. Amana bagged this award mainly for the revolutionary product of walk-in air cooler systems, designed and developed keeping in mind the US military use and applications in focus.

The strength of Amana lies in manufacturing portable AC units that satisfy houses and users spread across a wide range and specifications.

The most popular Amana portable air conditioner is the Amana APN14K 14,000 BTU 11.5 Amps Portable Electric Window Air Conditioner AC.

These are great little units that come with an automatic timer, an easy-to-use remote, and terrific air filter.

The typical cost for Amana portable units depends on the location where procured from. The majority of Amanda portable ac unit systems come with a user-friendly remote management built with a LCD display system. There are many options for many functions like cooling, fan speed and temperature settings in comparison to a standard window unit. The BTU is the heart of the system and its specification is the major differentiating factor among the models.

Central AC units are the main Amana product, but they also produce window and portable air conditioning units. The internet has thrown up critical reviews of Amana but still a majority of the customers are very satisfied with Amana products. Regular updates and upgrades also enhance Amana’s popularity. This backed with the readily available models and parts on eBay, make it very popular as seen by the amana portable air conditioner reviews on the web. As with any other product the set up and installation needs to be done by a professional as most of the problems crop up due to poor installation.

Amana’s portable product is highly user-friendly, reliable and flexible to use. Wheel it anywhere in your home to cool a specific area or the entire room of your choice. An exhaust vent hose that runs out of a window easily expels dampness and moisture. In places of extreme high humidity, the unit is unable to expel the entire dampness and deposits the left over into an internal tank. Manual draining of the internal tank is required in such situations.

The prime advantage of Amana portable air conditioner is the high energy output at low power consumption combined with the ready availability at an extremely low cost. The product manufacture is without compromising on the quality. The quality combined with high efficiency, low-cost, reliability and durability make Amana a power effective and market leader in portable ac products.

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