Amcor Air Conditioner Reviews

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With the great efficiency and functionality of portable air conditioners, many people already consider using this kind of appliance whether at home or in their office spaces. Thus, with its efficiency, you may certainly decide to purchase one for your home or office, as well.

If you are wondering which unit to choose, looking at the available models with Amcor brand should be a good option. This name is one of the popular brands you can actually find on the market. With the quality performance offered by Amcor air conditioners, you will make a good decision if you go with one of these portable ac units.

The following are your top three choices when looking for a quality Amcor air conditioner. With the help of these reviews, it should be easy for you to choose which unit will perfectly suit your requirements.

Amcor ALTL12000EH 12000-BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Heat

This portable air conditioner from Amcor is engineered ideally to suit most rooms that are average-sized the maximum of 400ft2. This unit may also work as a 65pint dehumidifier. It also features a self-evaporating technology from which the moisture is collected from the air going to the unit during the process of cooling.

The majority of the collected water will then be recycled, and then utilized to keep the unit cool making it run efficiently. Just about 65% up to 70% of condensed water is then evaporated out through the drain air. This reduces the hassle brought by the need of regular emptying of the water tank. This unit features an integrated irremovable water tank with the drain outlet, along with the water tube. If the tank has been filled, the compressor will stop working and then its power light indicator will flash. With the functional features offered by this unit, it becomes one of the best choices you have from Amcor.

Amcor AF9000E NanoMax Portable Air Conditioner

With 8,000BTU cooling capacity every hour, this Amcor air conditioner efficiently and quickly keeps a room cool which has an area up to 300ft2. It contains an easy to use control panel making it effortless to turn this unit on/off. This control panel also helps it easy to choose from low/high fan speeds, set the 1 to 12 hour timer and a lot more. You can even make use of this unit to dehumidify your room’s air, which can help you get rid of the additional moisture that may lead to mildew and mold.

Amcor ALTL12000EH 12000-BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Heat

This unit is ready to help you cool up your room that is up to 400ft2. The integrated washable filter that contains castors helps in easy portability from one room to another. This can function as a dehumidifier for removing moisture the maximum of 65 pints per day. It features a 12-hours timer. It also comes with 3-tier modifiable grill, which is efficient for controlling the air flow supported by a remote and LCD display.

With the efficiency of Amcor air conditioners, choosing one unit from such a name should be an ideal option. Therefore, if you want to have one of the most efficient Amcor air conditioner units, considering the three units mentioned above could be helpful.

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