An Air Conditioner Installation DIY Guide

Air Conditioner Installation Diy
A ductless split air conditioner can be a really great investment if you’re a homeowner. People who are handy with electrical work can usually do this kind of renovation by themselves. It can be a bit difficult if you’re not familiar with electrical or plumbing work. Sometimes it’s just smart to leave it to a professional contractor. They know just how to handle these types of installations.

Even if you are pretty handy at it, the size and difficulty level of the job of installing your ductless split AC on your own, should cause you to consider hiring professionals. The mistakes you make alone will eventually need to be addressed by a professional anyway, so why not just start out right.

Air Conditioner Installation Diy You can look over this ductless air conditioner installation diy guide for yourself:

First things first. Lay down a pad on the ground close to where the installation will take place. Be sure that the ground it’s laying on is level. Now you can place the AC condenser on the top of your pad.

Next you need to drill a hole for your refrigerant line, enabling it to go through your basement or to the outside of your home. A hole saw drill will work fine for this. Be sure you don’t make your hole too big. You want it just big enough for the wires and hoses to get through to the other side. A basement is best, but if you don’t have one, then the wires and hoses can be placed outside the home.

Your next move is to stuff all the line through your newly drilled hole to get your hose through to the basement or outside. A space will have to be opened up in your wall wherever you intend for your inside unit to be. The refrigerant line needs to be run from your condenser to whatever room that your unit is going to be located.

A drain line will have to be run in the same room as your unit, and this line is usually a PVC drainage line. Now you’ll want to bring the wires and electrical cables that will carry electricity from your condenser to the room where the AC is going to be. This part can be a bit tricky, and is better left to experienced professionals (licensed electrician). This part can also be quite dangerous for anyone who is not qualified to do this type of work.

It’s time now to check on the recommended height that came with the information included with your unit purchase. Most air conditioners of this type are located somewhere up on a wall, meaning you should measure out the proper height for it to fit right. You now hang your AC by a metal bracket that you have installed according to the recommendations found in the paperwork.

The last step is to connect your refrigerant line, the PVC drain piping, and the electrical wires. This really is something best left done to professionals. Next you place the cover onto the unit, covering up the interior. A ductless air conditioner is not a difficult installation for someone experienced, trained, and qualified to do it. If you are not one of those people, then you should call someone in and be sure that your installation is done properly, and that you don’t get hurt.

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