An Overview of 30000 BTU Air Conditioner Prices

30000 BTU Air Conditioner Prices
Look at the 30000 BTU air conditioner prices and note they vary greatly and much depends on the type of air con unit chosen. A central ducted unit could cost as much as $6,000, whereas a split ac unit can cost as little as $1600.

30000 BTU Air Conditioner PricesIf you are looking for a 30,000 BTU air conditioner (like the Pioneer Ductless Mini Split INVERTER Air Conditioner, Heat Pump, 30000 BTU (2.5 Ton), 16 SEER, Cooling, Heating, Dehumidification, Ventilation. Including 16 Foot Installation Kit.. 208~230 VAC.), we generally recommend using a split unit. These energy efficient air cooling units cost less to run.

The cooling capacity of the air conditioning unit is determined by its size. Split air conditioning systems are available in five different sizes including, two tons, one and a half ton, one ton, three quarters of a ton and half a ton. It is not always wise to choose a smaller unit to reduce energy costs, run a small ac unit in a large room and the system will have to work harder to cool the air. BTU or British thermal unit is the term used to measure air conditioner cooling capacity.

Important Facts about Split Air Conditioners

1. It is vital to purchase the right sized AC system. A one ton unit will cool five hundred square feet. If you are trying to cool a spacious hallway, it is wise to divide it into smaller areas.

2. Certain split ac units need to be vented, hence this means installing a duct in the wall. In general, the hole will be about three inches in diameter, but the depth of the hole required will vary according to the type of unit.

3. You may need extra tubing to ensure the unit works properly. The amount of tubing needed depends on the total distance between the unit and the outdoors.

4. On the whole, it is more costly to install a spilt air cooler rather than a compact window unit. However, professional HVAC enginee are expert at installing these units.

Try to purchase a reputable brand of air conditioning unit. Less expensive units often use more energy and locating parts for brand named units are far easier. The better known brand may cost more, but the unit will run efficiently.

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