Are There Any No Vent Air Conditioner Units?

During most summers the heat and humidity levels are usually very high, prompting people to rush to stores in search of any kind of air conditioning unit.

 No Vent Air Conditioner UnitsThe window air conditioner is usually the first choice for many people. This is because of its easy installation, affordable price and efficient cooling and dehumidifying system.

However, most people find it hard installing this cooling unit while others are forbidden by their landlords from installation.

For these reasons, this A/C is out of the question. The options available for are swamp cooler, a fan or portable air conditioner like the Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner (ARC-14S).

When it comes to the fan, it is very portable and produces a cool breeze. But it fails to reduce humidity. As for swamp cooler, it releases moisture in the atmosphere and thus not convenient in humid conditions. Therefore the remaining cooling unit that also dehumidifies air is the portable unit.

There have been some resources which claim that you can buy portable no vent air conditioner units. But the truth is that no such units exist. A portable unit always has a cooling compressor. When working, the compressor produces heat and this heat must be expelled outside, therefore the presence of hose and window vent.

When searching for a portable ac unit, the number of BTUs is usually considered. This will depend on the room size and heat load.

For very hot and humid summers, an individual might need about 50 BTU/ sq. ft. to ensure proper cooling. In the not so very hot summers, about 40 — 45 BTU’s per sq. ft. will be needed. For rooms with square feet between two BTU sizes, one should consider the next top BTU size.

A system with an Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) 10 or more is the most energy efficient. The EER is found by dividing BTUs per hour to the watts inputted. In cases where the EER is not stated on the product, one can just divide manually. For instance; 14, 000 BTU/ 1200 watts = 11.66 EER.

R-22 used to be a refrigerant considered in an A/C before 2010. This refrigerant was harmful to the environment and was phased out in 2010. A new refrigerant was invented; the R-410A. This is a more environmental friendly one. There are however some units that still use R-22 as of now. Therefore one should ensure to check the product description to see if R-410A is indicated before purchasing.

Soon after, manufacturers were required to make portable air conditioners which complied with Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive. This directive prohibited use of mercury, cadmium, and lead among other heavy metals in making this electronic equipment. This was also positive environment change.

The Dual Hose Vs Single Hose Unit:

Dual hose units are considered efficient because they intake air from outside thus a second hose. This is in contrast to the single hose whose air intake is from the room cooled.

Those against the single hose argue that in taking air from inside a room may lead to exhaustion air in the room. But to counter this others argue that a portable unit runs well when taking pre cooled air than air from outside.

Therefore the argument on hose unit is better rests on the price of each system. Since the single hose is cheaper, many people consider it.

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