Before Your Vacation, Check Your RV Air Conditioner Filters

The RV is all packed and ready to go on that summer road trip. Or is it really? Has the to-do checklist included A/C preventative maintenance? In particular, you need to check things like the RV air conditioner filters, the evaporator, and the drainage.

Follow this simple maintenance routine for your RV air conditioner.

Very much like a split air conditioner with condenser and compressor on the roof of a home or commercial building and the air-cooling part on an inside ceiling, 1 or even 2 rv air conditioner units may be required depending on the length of the vehicle. Regardless, the units need regular checking.

The Filter–This needs soap and water cleaning and drip drying or complete change out each month, depending on whether the filters are the disposable or the reusable kinds. Dirty filters are break downs just waiting to happen and can cause an avalanche of serious issues with other components in the air conditioner. They cost more to run, too, in terms of energy costs.

The Evaporator--This part also needs routine cleaning and checking. Easily damaged by trees, debris and other outdoor issues, the roof top evaporator should be carefully and gently brushed to keep refrigerant moving through the coils and fins in this component.

Gasket Seals and Drainage Holes–The seals are located between the RV ceiling and the bottom of the A/C unit itself. Inspect weekly, and clean off any debris, dirt or leaves. Without sufficient cleaning, condensate leaks right into the living space of the mobile home, and a wet RV interior means a ruined vacation.

Miscellaneous checks–Common sense says to start up and run the air conditioner for a while before starting out on a road trip. Turn on the fan, and let it run. Also, test the temperature controls to assure all is well.

Also, is the power source correct for an RV A/C unit? Check the owner’s manual to see what the amperage should be in the RV. A simple 15 ampere extension cord may not be able to take the load from such an air conditioning unit.

If necessary, have a professional electrician who understands RVs put in the right circuit breakers and switches. The proper electrical power will protect compressors, motors and other vital parts of the air conditioner in the RV.

Relax and enjoy a great summer vacation in that RV, but do it only after that very important maintenance checklist has been completed.

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