Benefits of a Mini Split Air Conditioner

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The air conditioner is probably one of the best inventions.

The luxury of relaxing in cooling comfort on a hot day is wonderful. At first, window air conditioners were the only solution to keeping your home cool. These appliances were typically inefficient at keeping larger areas cool and they were often loud and quirky. You would need to install individual units in different rooms or deal with areas that were too warm. Then, along came central air conditioners, making cooling your entire home much easier.

central acCentral air conditioners are now fairly standard in most new homes, but there is also an alternative, the mini split air conditioner.

The mini split is a new type of air conditioning technology that is able to work without ducts. Many homes do not have enough space for large, bulky ducts that are necessary for a typical central air conditioner and the ductless AC offers an effective solution.

If you try and modify a home that lacks the necessary space for ductwork, you can run into an inefficient design as well as extremely expensive HVAC bills. Fortunately, mini split systems do not require much space and are fairly easy to install just about anywhere.

Traditional air conditioning systems have a unit on the inside as well as one on the outside and these units work together, forcing cool air through your duct system. A mini split system often features multiple units placed throughout your home. Rather than relying on a system of ducts, the mini split features refrigerant lines running from a single outside unit to the individual units on the inside of your home. The refrigerant lines work by cooling the air while the indoor unit then distributes this cool air throughout your home.

Some houses will only need a single inside unit, while larger homes might have 3 or more zones to keep the entire home cool and comfortable.

While the cost of a mini split air conditioner can certainly be cheaper than a traditional central air conditioning system, you will typically need to have multiple indoor units. These units are smaller, which some people see as a negative; however, cooling is economical. Traditional air conditioners that use ducts can be extremely inefficient because a great deal of the cool air forced through the duct system is often lost.

With a mini split system, the travel of coolant through refrigerant lines is much more efficient. A mini split is less expensive to install and ongoing operating costs will also be cheaper.

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