Best Air Conditioner Filters for House

Best Air Conditioner Filter
Air conditioner filters require regularly replacement as a matter of maintenance. Here are 7 steps to find the best air conditioner filters for house of home.

1. Find the location of filter’s compartment and furnace. This is a metal strip that has metal slides on it covers and is found outside the conditioner.

best air conditioner filters for house2. Decide on the size of the filter which you are replacing. The size is written on the device and generally of 16 by 24 inches. Search for the furnace that is of the same size so that you will have no difficulty in fitting it.

3. Buy the filter as per your requirement, going for what serves you best. They filters are of different types and prices. Some are made of synthetic fiber or standard spun glass or even paper.

4. Try to find the efficiency of different filters. that is finding the best air conditioner filters for house specification.If your room is warm and dusty the best filter is which can catch maximum dust particles. The filter with greater efficiency will have no problem in taping pollen, mold and minute dust particles in the atmosphere.

5. Search for filters covered with chemical coating. These are filters with protective coat that protect the conditioner from harmful bacteria that can cause damage. The chemical kills any bacteria and allergies that can be harmful to family members.

6. The new filters should be marked, and then fitted. To fit the filter you have to slide metal guard. Note the direction in which the air flows and mark the direction which it flows. This way you will be able to fit your filters properly and you will be able to insert in the right direction at the right point of time.

7. Filters should be replaced at least four times in a year. Be careful to read the instructions given by the manufacture before purchasing a filter at any time. It is advisable to buy filters of well known companies and firms as they are more durable and efficient.

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