Best Air Conditioner Filters

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Air conditioners are vital in keeping a home or office cool. However, their proper functioning can only be guaranteed if they have the right filters. Moreover, these filters need to be kept clean.

Filters provide a cleaner environment inside the house. They are also responsible for keeping people with allergic reactions to dust safe. The main reason for these units to have filters is to ensure that their components are not jammed by dust or any other particles that they may draw from outside.

Dirty filters can have numerous negative effects on your unit. They are likely to lead to decreased efficiency, failure of its compressor or make the blower work very hard thus increasing electricity bills. Furthermore, if your AC runs with dirty filters often, it is bound to have a very short lifespan.

Office air conditioners run for a very long time and their filters should thus be cleaned every fortnight. On the other hand, homeowners need to clean them every two months. This is to avoid a case where the filter is completely blocked before it is cleaned. However, any time you notice that the fiberglass has a lot of dust, then you can go ahead and clean or even replace it.

An air conditioner with a capacity of one ton needs to have a filter that is about 1.5 square feet. Today, there are multiple distinct types of air filters that you can buy for your unit.

Types of Air Conditioner Filters

Fiberglass air filters are mainly used in residential units. They are cheap although their efficiency is also poor. This variety usually has an adhesive coating for dust collection. These filters cannot be cleaned because the adhesive comes off. Therefore, you should get a new set whenever they are dirty.

The mesh filter is one of the best air conditioner filters that you can get for your AC. This is a permanent aluminum mesh that traps dirt through generation of electrostatic charge. It is very easy to clean.

Lastly, electronic air filtersuse electrical power to clean air that is drawn into the house. They are effective in their operation but very expensive.

When fitting an air conditioner filter, ensure that it covers the whole diameter of the intake duct to avoid unfiltered air leaking into the house.

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