Best Cheap Air Conditioner in India

Best Cheap Air Conditioner in India
You cannot go wrong with purchasing a Samsung ac unit, if you are searching for the best cheap air conditioner India.

Samsung India is a totally owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

Best Cheap Air Conditioner in IndiaThe company announced the introduction of the BioSleep air conditioners, in February 2008 in India. The features of the BioSleep were developed, after intense scientific research was conducted, in the sensitive patterns of the human body.

As a result they developed a function which maintains optimal temperature of the skin, throughout the three stages of dormancy. These stages are falling asleep, deep sleep and awaking mode, which allows you to wake up feeling refreshed.

The feature is extremely energy efficient, saving up to 30% energy, and also results in persons sleeping 82% longer and deeper.

The Samsung units are available in three types across India:

Split Units: Over 30 units are offered by Samsung, with stylish and sophisticated designs. Selection can be done using their electricity savings ratings, price range and power consumption.
The price ranges between INR 16,000 to 36,000.

Window Air Conditioner Units: A total of 9 varieties are offered by the company, and after considering the different parameters, a suitable type can be chosen. The units manufactured by Samsung are designed to provide the ultimate comfort, during the warmest of weather.
Prices range between INR 16,000 and 24,000.

Floor Standing Units: These stylish and slim standing models from Samsung, come with cutting-edge cooling technologies and are available in two models:

– Nova AP 28 NOA at INR 55,990
– Waltz AP 28 ZOA at INR 69,990

Special Features of these units include: Turbo power, Silver Nano technology, Bio health plus and tropical rotator compressor.

Additional features include: Temperature control sleep mode, control of air flow, Time energy saving mode, side air discharge, and rotating feature among others.

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