Best Ductless Split System Air Conditioner: The Ultimate Buying Guide

It is a common mistake to believe that using a window air conditioner unit will save energy. In reality, there are many additional costs to using a window unit.

Not only do window air conditioner units cause wood and insulation to rot, but they also emit a lot of noise that can be annoying. The other major problem with the window units is that they can only cool one room at a time.

If you are thinking about investing in a new air conditioner system to keep cool this summer, you might consider looking into a ductless spit ac unit.

This article will give you an overview of these systems and also give our recommendation for the best ductless split system air conditioner on the market today.

Facts About Ductless Systems
Many who are considering whole-house cooling are disappointed by the fact that their home has no place for the duct work.

The good news is, there is another solution. Ductless air conditioning systems can be installed without the high cost and frustration of duct installation.

There are various places in which duct work simply cannot be installed. However, there are other options available, including the placement of “mini-split” or ductless air conditioners.

How Ductless Split AC Units are Installed

No matter the what type of system that is currently in your home, the installation process always starts out the same.

Basic installation is conducted by contractors who accurately measure the home. This assists in determining the size of air-conditioner that will meet your home’s size requirements. Next, they will discuss what type of energy you desire to use: electricity or gas heat.

Benefits of Ductless Cooling
If the choice is appropriate and you have determined the best ductless split system air conditioner for your needs, you are certainly ready to reap the benefits.

Not only does it cost far less to cool your entire home than a window unit, but it is far more efficient than a central air cooling system as well.

While ductless systems are a bit more costly in the installation process (when compared to installing a window unit), the efficiency of the cooling system will quickly pay for itself.

Some users of HVAC ductless systems are eligible for a number of tax incentives that alleviate the initial cost. On top of it all, you will never experience the troubles that come with owing window air conditioning units, either large or small.

In our experience, the best ductless split system air conditioner available today is the Pioneer Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner, Heat Pump, 12000 BTU. This is a terrific unit that is reasonably-priced, can be installed by a DIYer, and provides excellent cooling capacity.

Moreover, the Pioneer comes with all the tools that you need to install it and it has a powerful heater. This means that you can use it year round for your heating and cooling needs.


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