Best Free Standing Air Conditioners

Go get one of the best free standing air conditioners to create the most comfortable environment in your home or office. You can check out our in-depth reviews here.

If you want to invest in quality equipment that will last for a long time, then choose among the latest models and you will not be disappointed. You will immediately feel the difference in air quality. You will also get to enjoy superior features like dehumidifiers and heaters which increase the overall value of the products.

Portable ac units are small enough to allow transfer from room to room depending on the needs of the user. There are wheels underneath that make it easy to roll them around to the desired spot. When choosing an AC, be sure to look into its specifications including its cooling capacity.

This is measured in British Thermal Units or BTU which should be familiar to those who are using boilers to heat their homes. The principle is the same though these machines operate in opposite manners. The rating required will depend on the room’s floor area. As a rule of thumb, you will need a system that can generate 7000 BTU for every 300 sq ft. Consequently, a room that is double this size would have to be cooled by a 14,000 unit.

One can think of air conditioning systems as virtual heat pumps – that is, they force out the heat from one area like the living room to another which is typically the outside of the house. It is for this reason that these systems have their own exhaust mechanism. The hot air must flow somewhere else in order to cool the room. There are units that can both provide heating and cooling effects. These are able to pump heat to the inside or to the outside depending on the season and the user’s needs.

A lot of people prefer this kind of model as it requires less energy to get the job done compared to other systems like electric heaters. Think of reversible air conditioners as savvy investments that can provide comfort all year round. They will keep you from getting sweaty in the summer and prevent you from feeling the chill during winter. Although this is a premium feature, the added cost is reasonable and is easily justified by its efficient operation.

The Edgestar 14000 BTU Dual-hose model is a great example of this. It is a portable unit which can adequately provide warmth or cooling to a fairly large room. It looks classy with a metallic sheen in a silver package. An area of up to 525 sq ft will benefit from its modes of operation that includes fan, dehumidifier, heater, and air conditioner. Its exhaust is designed to be self-evaporative so owners don’t have to worry about dripping and draining. These and more impressive features can be yours for less than $500.

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