What to Look for in the Best Looking Air Conditioner

Homeowners are very particular about the design of their interiors. The desire to create a beautiful house extends beyond furniture and decor into the selection of stylish appliances. People want to get the best looking air conditioner they can find.

Here is our take on the most popular types of air conditioners with tips about how they might fit with your interior design ideas.

Window Air Conditioner

Units which can fit into a window are very common. Two reasons for this are the simple design and the reasonable cost. Window air conditioners can typically be bought at a lower price compared to other types. They are also versatile in that they can be used to cool something as big as a hall or as small as a bedroom.

On the other hand, they use up part of the window which becomes blocked and may not be opened. The box contains all of the essential components including the compressor, condenser, expansion coil, and more. Use this kind of system if the area in question between 100 to 200 square feet.

Split Air Conditioner

In contrast, split types are usually seen inside very small rooms that either have no windows or have tiny ones which cannot be blocked, as doing so will severely limit the natural light coming into the space. A window-type unit may also compromise the aesthetics which many are unwilling to tolerate. Let’s look at the two kinds of split systems:

Outdoor — This kind has most of the major parts at the exterior of the house while a smaller piece is left inside to blow the cool air. With the condenser on the outside, the noise it generates is isolated. This provides residents with the luxury of cool and quiet nights in which they can fall asleep peacefully.

Indoor — Models falling under this kind of split AC are generally vertical with a white shell, although other attractive colors are also available to match the interior decor. Indoor units have more of the parts located inside the room where they are protected against the elements.

Packaged Air Conditioner

This type is meant for spaces that are not so tiny but not too big either. In this middle ground, packaged air conditioners dominate the scene with cooling loads of different capacities. Some are as little as three tons while others are rated at 15 tons. Ratings in between are also available so it is possible to get an excellent need for a specific need.

Central Air Conditioner

Large mansions, office buildings, factories, hotels, and malls all use central air conditioning. This type allows them to cool a massive volume and control the temperature from a single management console.

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