Best Portable Air Conditioner for Garage

We often get questions about portable air conditioners and where they can be used. Just last week, someone wrote in to ask about the best portable air conditioner for garage or basement.

Here are the most common questions we get about portable ac units, along with our answers.

Question 1: Where can I use a portable ac unit?

Answer: Portable air conditioners are very mobile and do not require permanent installation meaning that you can use them virtually anywhere. The following are some of the locations and situations that they can be used more conveniently.

Homes and apartments.

It can be used as a replacement for central heat and air system in homes and apartments. During the summer season, central air units tend to overheat making them inefficient and possibly requiring use of this portable device as a backup plan. They are mainly used in poorly ventilated rooms and perfectly back up the central heat and air unit.

Factories, workshops and garages.

Garages, factories and workshops are sensitive areas as important materials can be damaged by heat. This makes micro climate control key, as these devices can be set to run constantly, keeping materials from being damaged by the heat.

Dehumidifying features automatically function as the system cools, producing moisture in the air causing materials to rust or mildew which is a big threat. The dry and cool atmosphere also promotes a healthier and more conducive work environment and is likely to increase total productivity of the organization.

The best portable air conditioner for garage work and factory work is the Tripp Lite SRCOOL12K Portable Cooling / Air Conditioner Stand Alone Spot Air Cooler 120V, 60Hz, 12K BTU.

Computer Server Rooms

Computer server rooms are generally poorly ventilated areas that contain many electrical equipment, which operate constantly, causing the room temperature to rise making the work environment UN conducive.

Having a portable air conditioner in use regulates the temperature preventing the equipment from overheating and keeps the room temperature comfortable; meanwhile, the chance of a system outage decreases. This increases the durability of the equipments.

Health Facilities

Health facilities have acquired lots of electrical equipment that needs to be kept cool hence adopted this cooling technology. They are also used as back up when central unit experience technical problems and patients need protectionist from hot temperatures.

With the UV light feature in many portable air conditioners, patients will also be protected from harmful bacteria, molds, and viruses that often linger in health facilities. Other key health sector where portable air conditioner are engaged hospitals, operating places, nursing homes, outpatient clinics, and radiology centers.

Event Venues

During summer and spring and fall host sporting events, festivals, and concerts is the order of the day. In recent years, having a tent air conditioner at an outdoor event is a necessity. Because of the hot temperatures and the large crowds, these events become very uncomfortable otherwise.

With this portable air conditioning technology, you can efficiently regulate the temperature and keep it from becoming muggy.your customers will freely enjoy the entertainment the venue has to offer out of comfort.

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